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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

Tablet Hunting Has Come To An End!

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My hunting for tablet has come to an end. I found the perfect tablet that I will be sending to my family in the Philippines. I haven't bought it yet, I am waiting for something to come in the mail before I buy it. My chosen tablet is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. 

Although the price is more than what I intended to spend, it will be okay for I will have a peace of mind that it won't break easily. Samsung is known brand in electronics. So I think it is for the best to pay a little more than have something cheap and unknown brand that may or may not last a day or two. It would be okay if it stays here but for something that would be shipped to thousands of miles away, it is just not worth it. "You always get what you pay for" as what the saying goes!

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