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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

External Hard Drive To Organize My Photos In One Place

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I just bought this 1 TB (Terabyte) WD (Western Digital) My Passport external hard drive on Amazon Saturday. I am very surprised and very pleased that it arrived so fast. Amazon has another satisfied customer in me! Anyway, I decided to buy it because I want all my pictures to be organized in one place. Currently, they are saved pretty everywhere. Some are on CDs and DVDs, some are on flash drive and some are still on my computer! It is really hard finding some old pictures when I am looking for specific ones. I have to go through all the CDs and DVDs one by one.

When I save my photos on my new hard drive, I will make sure to organize them by date and year so it will be a lot easier to find my pictures! It will be a lot of work to save all those pictures but it will be worth it. Save time in the future when I want to look for a specific one!

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