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How Much Bandwidth Does Your Site Need?

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The first step to find the best web hosting service for your business or personal site is to find a reputable company with great customer support. Once you’ve found a few quality options for web hosting, the next thing to consider is how much bandwidth you’ll need. The more bandwidth your site has, the more you’ll be paying for hosting each month. To figure out just how much bandwidth you’ll be needing, you’ll have to think about what your site is going to consist of. Some media requires more bandwidth than others.


The most important information on your site will probably be displayed as text, which is good because text requires the least amount of bandwidth. Each letter takes up eight bits of space, which is equal to one byte, so if you have 500 words on a page, each time a user visits the page they will have to download 500 bytes of data. This may seem like a lot, but bandwidth isn’t measured in bytes anymore, or even kilobytes, which are a thousand bytes each; bandwidth is sold by the megabyte, which is one million bytes. Even if you only have a single megabyte, 500 words will only take up a fraction of a percent of that space.

Just about every site these days uses images. A site with nothing but text is going to look boring, so adding images for your company logo, background, and various other design purposes can spruce it up. Images take up considerably more space than text does; a full-size image is going to take up at least 150 kilobytes by itself. One way to use images on your page without putting a big dent in your bandwidth is embedding. You can embed an image by uploading it to an image hosting site, and then referencing the photo from your own site. While this saves space, the hosting site could go down at any moment, leaving your site crippled.

Videos can also be featured on your web site, but they consume a lot of space. A video is a sequence of multiple images, usually thousands, so it’s easy to see why video file sizes can be so gargantuan. Like images, videos can be hosted to other sites like YouTube and then embedded on your own site to save space. If you want the best web hosting at a great price, striking a balance between text and embedded images and videos is great way to get it.

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