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How to Get Good Restaurant Service

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As you go to eat in Boston Back Bay restaurants, you will experience many different types of servers. Some are more attentive than others, and the food will be different in each restaurant. The kind of service that you receive depends both on the restaurant that you go to and what you do when you eat at the restaurant. Because you can only control the restaurant’s side of things by choosing specific restaurants with good service, you should do some things when you get there to receive better service.
What to Do

The most important thing to remember when eating out is to treat the people who serve you your food with respect. This includes every single employee at the restaurant. They do not expect you to be overly enthusiastic and outgoing, but you should at least give them respect. When you first meet your waiter, say hello and even introduce yourself if you want. You can even tell the waiter or waitress that they can expect a good tip if they give you service. With this type of motivation, most servers will go the extra mile. You, of course, will need to give a good tip if the quality service is given. Be nice to your server, thanking them for what they do.

If you have a complaint about anything, you can always complain or send your food back. However, you should first think about if the complaint you have is deserved. If it seems appropriate, you can ask to speak to a manager or fill out a comment card. It is important not to rant or get too angry. Instead, give constructive criticism. This includes a description of your experience and what went wrong. If you want, you can even give a potential solution to the problem. This is the type of complaint that will not offend people, but will still help your experience improve for the next time.

Picking a Restaurant

In addition to what you do, the restaurant you pick will determine your experience eating out. Look among all the Boston Back Bay restaurants and pick ones that are known for good service and good food. Find one within your price range so you can give an appropriate tip to those serving you, and so you will enjoy the experience.

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