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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

Internet Marketing Includes Social Media and SEO

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As a business, you know that Internet marketing may be one of the most difficult things that you do. There are just so many aspects to it that what originally appeared to be the Holy Grail of advertising has become a black hole and a time sink. You can get by with doing things online that are free advertising, but you need someone to manage them if you want to do those things effectively. Some aspects that you may need to know about the Internet include social media and search engine optimization (SEO).

Social Media

Everyone and their grandma think that they can do social media well. The problem is that companies then throw that aspect of marketing to the already overworked marketing or PR department without devoting any sort of resources to it. This leads to poor strategies when it comes to social media because social media is not television, and it is not advertising. The key is in the first word “social.” Unless your company is engaging in social behavior, its social media presence will work to its disadvantage. No one wants to see only advertisements coming from your Facebook page. Your social media accounts should be an opportunity to engage with your customers and to create a personality for your company. Each social media site has its own culture and its own unwritten rules of etiquette.

When a website appears at the top of the Google or Yahoo! web searches, it has good SEO. Sometimes it is just a fluke that the website ends up at the top, but sometimes, it is good Internet marketing that gets a website there. The top one or two places on Google are really where every website wants to be when it comes up in a search. Even page two of searches ends up not being good enough. People just don’t bother to look further than the top three or four results. While the algorithms for search engine results are closely guarded, there are some things that a company can do to get to the top. Hiring a good SEO company is a start.

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