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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

Monday Is Labor Day

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I didn't have a clue at all that this coming Monday is Labor Day! If my oldest son hadn't mention it, I would have not known it. Monday might be the perfect time to go to the mall and redeem my coupons from Victoria's Secret, that is if those coupons are not yet expired! And it also depends if my husband will give me the permission to drive his car.

I've said on my previous posts that I wouldn't be spending a single penny anymore until I can pay off my debts but really, my intention is just to redeem my coupons from VS because I would really hate to see them go to waste!


Opps! I just checked my coupons and they have expired already!!! They ran out 2 days ago! Just my luck! I hate that I didn't get to redeem my free full-size VS fantasies mist especially! This would have been a good addition to be sent to the Philippines for my family! Oh well, I guess better luck next time and going to the mall Monday is out of the question too! :(

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