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Moving Back To The Philippines

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A distant relative of mine who is currently residing in New Zealand told me two days ago that her and her husband will be moving back to the Philippines and live there for good! I haven't had any contacts with her for how many years since she moved there to live with her husband in 2008 until just a few months ago through facebook. I was really glad that we finally got in touched. But we only talk through facebook messages because somehow they do not have a permanent internet connection.

But anyway, it was truly a shock to me when she told me the news. She told me that it would be a bittersweet to leave their home. She is excited to be near with her family in the Philippines but at the same time, she hates the fact of leaving the beautiful country that's been her home for the past 5 years! She said they couldn't afford to live their anymore. Everything is getting so expensive. Her husband didn't get the job that he applied in a web video production company! 

Both of them are trying to find any kind of temp jobs to hold them up financially until they can finally move. They cannot move yet until they pay off the remaining of their home loans and sell their house. That's been one of their biggest dilemma. They can't seem to find any buyers that would take take their asking price! I guess nobody can afford to buy a house as hard as it is.

Anyhow, I am kinda happy that they are moving to the Philippines for good. Aside from her reuniting and be near with her family, we also have a better chance of seeing each other again if ever my family and I will go to the Philippines for a vacation. Because as beautiful as New Zealand is, my husband and I never thought nor it ever crossed our minds to go there for a vacation to see her. So it is probably for the best that she's moving to our native land where it would be very possible for me and my family to go back again if we can save enough money for plane tickets.

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