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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

New Refrigerator Has Been Delivered And Installed

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Yesterday was another busy but yet an exciting day. Our refrigerator was delivered earlier than we expected. So before the morning was over, our new refrigerator was sitting pretty in the kitchen where our old refrigerator was. I love that Lowe's hauled our old one away for we didn't have to worry about hauling it to the dump.

Anyway, it was a very fast process, it probably only took for the two Lowe's guys to get the refrigerator out of the truck, haul it inside the house, installed it and took the old one away about 30-45 minutes and then they were gone! We are very pleased with the service and of course to our new refrigerator. It has so much room inside than the old one had. It looks like we're running out grocery again because of the big space that is left after putting back the stuff inside! I guess I can buy more grocery now than usual? LOL!

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