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The World's Best Basketball Leagues Outside of the NBA

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Although the NBA is by far the premier basketball league in the world, there are many other basketball leagues around the globe that entertain fans with exciting basketball action. Every continent with the exception of Antarctica has multiple basketball leagues that feature professional basketball players. Many of these players are former NBA stars or young players who will one day be in the NBA. Here the Dunk list of the world’s best basketball leagues outside the NBA.

Liga ACB

The Spanish pro league is widely considered by many to be the best league after the NBA. Spain is a country that is absolutely sports mad, and basketball is the second most popular sport in the country after soccer. Many NBA stars got their starts in the Liga ACB, including Ricky Rubio, Pau Gasol, Marc Gasol and Jose Calderon.

Heba H1

This is the Greek pro league, and it annually contends with the Liga ACB to be the best league in Europe. American pros have been coming to Greece for years to sharpen their games. Notable alums of Heba H1 include Josh Childress and Dominique Wilkins. Greek players can match up with the best in the world. In fact, it was Greece that knocked the USA Olympic team out of the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.

Liga Nacional de Basquet

This league in Argentina has long been the most dominant league in the Americas outside of the NBA. The top players from all over South America descend on the Liga Nacional de Basquet to prove themselves against some of the best competition in the world. NBA players like Manu Ginobli and Luis Scola got their starts in this league.

Lega Basket Serie A

Italy has long held the distinction of one of the best basketball cultures outside the United States. Pro players have been playing here for decades. Kobe Bryant speaks Italian and loves soccer because he grew up in Italy while his dad played professionally there. Many former NBA players have come here to play when they cannot make it in the NBA anymore, and it is also a training ground for young players. Brandon Jennings, the point guard for the Milwaukee Bucks, got around the NBA’s one-and-done rule by playing a year in this league.

Turkish Basketball League

The Turks love their basketball. They are great fans who shower their basketball stars with cheers. The owners in the league are willing to pay big money to lure NBA superstars to play in Turkey. NBA players like Deron Williams and Allen Iverson have played in the Turkish Basketball League. The rumor is that Kobe Bryant will be coming to Turkey to play when he retires from the NBA.

Chinese Basketball Association

Although it is not as famous as some of these other league, the Chinese Basketball Association is on the rise. There are more basketball fans in China than there are people in the United States, and they love to see exciting basketball action that features both Chinese players and former NBA pros.

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