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Three Aspects of Mobile Marketing

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With most people walking around clutching a smart phone and using it as a method of finding and purchasing what they want, you’d be a fool to ignore the potential. Mobile marketing is just about as important as other forms of Internet and social media marketing strategies and may even surpass these forms as smart phones become ever more ubiquitous. So how do you sell your product or service via a smart phone? Here are three aspects that you need to consider.

Making Your Website Friendly to Smart Phones

A website made for and viewed from the monitor of a PC will look vastly different on the smaller screen of a smart phone or tablet. If you want people to easily navigate your site, glean information, and even make purchases with a few flicks of their thumbs or taps of a finger, you need to make sure you have a mobile-friendly version of your website ready and available.There are online services that offer to convert your website into a mobile-friendly version or you can hire professional website designing services that will give you a package deal on everything they do to promote your online presence. Either way, you are making it easier to be found by phone users, and the better you prioritize the information available on your site, the more likely you are to convert a looker into a customer.

SMS and Text Messaging

Short message service (SMS) and text messaging are two great ways to reward your customers and encourage them to stop by your website or store front for purchases. What you are doing is sending a short message to customers who have agreed to allow it on their phones. The message, which cannot contain any video or images, can be a coupon or discount reward, a notice of an upcoming event, an invitation to play a game or enter a sweepstakes, or whatever you want it to be. If you own a restaurant, for example, SMS customers can cash in on special deals you don’t advertise anywhere else. It’s a great way to build a following and reward customer loyalty. While SMS and text messaging marketing is somewhat similar to email marketing, the key is to keep it short, pack a punch, and not upset your customers by sending numerous messages they find annoying.

Buy Ad Space on Browsers

With more and more people turning to their phones first, it’s inevitable that browsers will offer ad space. Cash in on the trend in order to keep your brand in front of current and future customers’ eyes. Games, for instance, are a great forum in which to place advertisements.

Smart phones, tablets, and other forms of hand-held computers are not going anywhere soon. You need to get on top of your mobile marketing strategy immediately, and you need to be savvy in the various aspects of this type of marketing to take full advantage of its benefits.

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