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Busy! Busy! Busy!

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These past few days has been such a busy days for me! Yesterday, we had our annual spaghetti dinner fundraising for our church. I volunteered to fix some dessert to take to the dinner and I also volunteered to cook 2 lbs of the spaghetti noodles. So as soon as the mass was over, I hurried back home to fix everything that I was bringing to the spaghetti dinner which started at 4pm and ended at 7pm. I stayed for a couple of hours to help out a little bit and then hurried back home because I had to leave my two hyperactive kids with my husband!

Anyway, today was the same busy day for me. Had to wake up early to get my son ready for school. Then my husband wanted me to go with him to pick up his package to the UPS headquarters which was about over an hour drive from where we live! When we got home it was lunchtime. I fixed lunch for my husband and for me and my youngest son, then took a nap. By the time I got up, it was time for my oldest son to come home! I straightened the house a little bit before preparing supper. When we got done with dinner, I had to assist my oldest son with his homework and make sure he does it right! After that, had to put them to bed! Then washed the dishes and straightened the table and now, here I am tying this post!

The rest of the night, hopefully would be a relaxing one! I really need it, I am just worn out! Oh, I still have to do my exercise but I will do that just before bedtime! Hopefully that will help me sleep like a baby!

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