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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

My Primary Email Might Have Been Hacked!

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I got so worried about my primary email address that it might have been hacked. I noticed something was weird while I was on my IPod and tried to check my email and it kept giving me these error messages like cannot connect to the server or missing password. So I went to the yahoo web and wanted to check my email there and suddenly, it was asking for some security questions. And to make matters worst, I couldn't remember the answer to my security question! So that got locked out for I entered the maximum amount of answer and the only choice that I had was to send a code to the number that I had provided on my account. Well, it wouldn't have been a problem except, the number showing on my account was my stepdaughter's phone number which I do not recall at all of putting on my account. I mean why would I do such thing when I have my own cell number? So I decided to go ahead and send the code to her cellphone for I was really desperate to retrieve my account back. This is my email address that I used in blogging and other important things, but good thing not for my bank account information though.

So I made my husband called his daughter and asked for the code and thankfully it was the right one! I finally got to logged back in and got this message from yahoo that there has been some unusual activities on my account and therefore they had to lock my account until I can change the password! That's the first thing that I did was changed my password and deleted the number that's on my account!

Anyway, when I finally got to check my email, there was indeed an unusual activities. Evidently, somebody had been trying to send out spammy messages to my contacts and for some reason it didn't send. I got all these failure notice messages, there was probably over 15! This was the very first time that this ever happened to me! I've been using this email address for how many years and never I encountered something like that until today. It was really scary and I was very worried that I might lose this email account but thank goodness I managed to get it back. Hopefully this won't happen again although I still don't feel safe. If it happen once, it can happen again. I just got to be more aware of the sites that I visit and links that I click and make sure that they are not suspicious!

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