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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

Philippine Prepaid Debit Card

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The Philippine Prepaid debit card that I have been anticipating to come in the mail finally came a week ago and I couldn't be any happier to see how cool and cute my new card is which is pictured above! I ordered this card at Card.com! They have so many designs to choose from. From your favorite classic or modern TV shows such as Star Trek and The Walking Dead to your favorite cartoon characters like Garfield or Care Bears and more! I was actually torn between The Walking Dead and Philippine flag design but chose the design of my homeland for so many reasons, one is so I can think of my family back home for I really miss them very much!

Anyway, there are many reasons why you should get one for yourself. Here are some of them, aside from how fun it is to use, there is also no credit check, no check cashing fees, no overdrafts fees or late fess and access to ATM's worldwide as well as using it everywhere that Visa® or MasterCard® is accepted! This would be a great present to give to someone for almost any occasion! Applying for one is very easy, like I mentioned above, there is no credit check!

All you do is choose from the hundreds of designs available, sign up and you'll automatically approve! When you get your new card in the mail, there are many ways to load money on to it. Either by loading cash at Western Union or transfer directly from your PayPal or bank account! It's that simple! So head on to their site and start browsing for the coolest design that would suit your personality and be the envy of all your family and friends with your very own personalized card from Card.com!

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