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PowerMyLearning.Org Reviews

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I was compensated to write this post sponsored by PowerMyLearning.org! All views and opinions that you read in the post are of my own and are based on what my son and I have experienced using the site!

My oldest son is in the second grade this year. I've noticed that they have more homework and a much harder lessons this time. I guess it will get harder and harder each year as he go on to a much higher grade. Anyway, so far, he is doing really good at doing his homework and schoolwork. I only have to assist him occasionally with his homework. I noticed that he is kinda struggling in Language Art. He can read very well but he is still not able to properly use the punctuation in the sentence and he is also struggling to write complete sentences. I've told him that when he writes a sentence,  the first letter is always a capital and it always ends with a punctuation mark. But somehow, he just can't remember it! I don't know if it's because he's not really paying attention or he's too occupied playing with his video games or maybe both?

Anyhow, I received an email several days ago about trying out PowerMyLearning.org and was asked to write my honest opinion about it. I signed up for a free account which only took a few minutes. I've played some of the games and before I had let my son try it out, an opinion already formed in my head that this is the perfect tool that could help him improve in Language Art! 

I love that I can set the Grade level to where my son is supposed to be which is the second grade. This way he can focus on the things that they are currently learning in school. Another thing that I like is how I can just choose the subject with just one click. This helps in focusing more on the subject that he needs improving. But at that point, those were just all my thoughts regarding the site, I had not yet let my son try it out, so I didn't know what he would think about the idea.

When I finally told him that there is something that I want him to try, his whole face lit up upon seeing the games on my computer screen. At first, I let him choose the games that he wanted to play and then after having so much fun playing, I told him that I wanted him to focus on the Language Art! I explained to him that by focusing more on that subject, he will improve and get better in reading and writing sentences! So we did the "I am Reading: Fiction and Nonfiction" first. I love how it reads when pressing the "ear" icon on the side. My son can hear carefully how the sentences are read properly and he can also read along! 

The next game we did was the "Wacky Web Tales". I thought this was the perfect game for him to use his imagination to write a short story using the Parts of Speech and form sentences.

He played more games. He also tried the Math, Art & Music and Science subjects. After the session, I asked him what did he think about the site? His reply was "AWESOME!" and asked if I could let him play again tomorrow and the next day and the next day. LOL! And I told him ABSOLUTELY!!! This may be just fun and games for him, but as long as he is learning and improving at the same time, I am all for it!!

Anyway for my final thoughts of the site. For parents who are looking for the perfect tool to help your kids improve on subjects that they are having hard time in school or even for those who want their kids to get ahead, this is the right tool for you! I highly recommend it! This website offers many more in different levels from K to 12 than any other learning websites!

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