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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

IPod Has Been Sent Off For Repair!

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I so miss my IPod! I haven't used it in 2 days because I sent if off for repair! I found a repair service on ebay for $40 thanks to my husband as usual for helping me find a repair service and of course for paying for the repair cost although he is not such a big fan of my IPod and treat it as his competition when it comes to my attention! LOL! He even nicknamed my IPod "Thumby" because everytime he sees me on it, I am always thumbing on it, you know when I'm typing I'm using my thumbs! LOL!

Anyway, what I love about this repair service that we found on ebay is, they have a very good reviews and they also do free personalization included in the price as well as shipping it back to me once it is repaired! If I won't get my IPod back for some reason, my husband had put an insurance on it just in case!  I cannot wait for my IPod to come home and it feels really weird not having it around, it's been a big part of me and I really don't think that I can do without it! Well I mean I can if it's replace with something better, you know what I mean? (wink! wink!)

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