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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

Rainy Monday

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Good morning everyone! I hope everybody is having a cozy and warm Monday morning! As for me, I am feeling so comfortable right now, still a little bit sleepy but I had to get up and fixed my youngest son some breakfast. It is rainy today  and since I do not have anything else to do or should I say, I don't feel like doing anything at this minute, I will be going back to bed. I just love to go to sleep especially when it is rainy outside!

There's something about the rain that makes my sleeping so comfortable! I could probably sleep all day but it will be impossible for I have things to take care of around here. So I guess a little nap in a little while will do! Anyway, this is all for now, my eyes are actually starting to get heavy! Hopefully my youngest son will go back to sleep with me so wish me luck! LOL!

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