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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

This Has Been Another Stressful Day

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There's not question about it, today has been another stressful day for me! Aside from dealing of the household chores, I am also making an extra effort to be so patient with my youngest son! He has been such a handful lately! I really don't know how I managed to get through the day as wild as he is!

He's gonna be turning 2 years old next month, but he already started the terrible two a while back! I try so hard to be as patient but sometimes I loses it and yells at him if he does something bad, but then I feel guilty doing it! Me and my husband both believe in punishing our kids when they do something bad. 

When I say punishing, I am not talking about beating them up, it means spanking them on the butt. I know there are people out there who doesn't believe in spanking as a form of discipline, but me and my husband both believe that it is an effective way to discipline our kids. The little one doesn't get that much since he's too young to know better. Our oldest son which is 7 years old is behaving so much better. There are times that he acts up but when we tell him that he is about to get a spanking, then he'll straighten out!

We believe that when our kids does something bad intentionally that there are consequences as a result of that action. We do not spank them right away, we try to warn them and give them the chance to listen and mind but then if they don't, that is the time that they get it! Well, it's not really working much for my youngest son because like I said, he's less than 2 years old and doesn't know any better.

But anyway, I only get a break when he's asleep. Right now I am trying to relax and try not to think about how bad my day was! Hopefully, tomorrow would be a much better day for me!

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