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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

Facing So Much Misfortune Online!

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Aside from not having any tasks or opportunity from blogging for about a month, now I am facing another misfortune online! Like I mentioned before that aside from earning money from blogging, I am also earning a little bit of extra money from this site where you do micro jobs. I wasn't too worried about not earning from blogging anymore because of this other site. I make at least $200 a month from there. But 2 days ago, I was banned from doing any jobs which I do not understand why! They didn't even give me any warnings or anything that could give me an idea as to what I did wrong!

Fortunately, there is a slight chance that I could get back working on there. I can still log in to my account unlike other workers who posted on their facebook page. They are saying that they were completely banned and they don't know the reason either. They can't even log in to their accounts. I am only restricted to do any jobs but other than that, I can still log in or view my activities! The message said to contact them to resolve the issue which I did but I haven't received any response yet!

Anyway, as soon as I found out about the restriction that was put on my account, I immediately withdraw my money! I haven't received it in my account where I withdrew it to, hopefully before this day end it will be there! My earnings there still keep increasing from the jobs that I already did before, so this is promising that they are still giving credits. I'm hoping and praying that this will get resolve very soon to my advantage for I cannot afford to lose this sideline job! I depend on it completely now!!! Crossing my fingers!!!

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