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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

I Am IN Love With These Boots! Perfect For Fall!

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The minute I set my eyes on these boots a week ago, I fell in-love with them right away! I wanted to buy it so bad but $39.80 was too much for me! That's not counting the shipping and tax, it would have been over $40 if I had bought right then. Good things come to those who wait indeed for the boots are on sale for $25 for Veterans day! That's about half off of its original price! So after thinking about it thoroughly, I decided to buy it and still paid less than its original price even with shipping and tax!

Gosh! I cannot wait to get a hold of these boots, they are just perfect for Fall or even winter! I love the Walnut color as well as the wrapped-around strap style! The heels are just perfect, not too high and not too low! It can be worn as dressy or casual, depending on the mood that I will be in when I go out! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these boots! I am considering these as a reward for being a good girl for how many weeks not spending any money on things that I don't need! LOL! Just anything to justify what I just did! LOL!

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