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Report Card Pick Up!

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Today is my second grader's report card pick up at 3pm-5pm! I guess I will be the one to be going to the school to get it. I wish my husband would come though so in case my son's teacher wants to chitchat a little bit, I don't have relay what all she said but I don't think he's going!

 Anyway, I am looking forward to see my son's grades. He is doing so good at his school works. He gets perfect school on his tests most of the time but we will see what the report card says! Either way, I am so very proud of him. He is such a smart boy, even when he is not dedicating all of his time to his school works. 

He prefers playing on his 3DS or Minecraft on his nana's computer than doing his homework and reading. But since I am here to remind him that he has to do it, I have to give him credit for being a good boy sometimes and follow what he is being told to do! So I got to applaud him for that!

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