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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

50% Off Christmas Sale At Walmart

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I've learned that the best time to buy Christmas stuff is after Christmas for it will be 50-75% off! Last year, I got lucky going to Walmart when they were having 75% off of all Christmas related items! I got to used almost all of what I bought last year for this year's Christmas, so my money didn't go to waste! I decided that I would do the same thing this year. 

So I went to Walmart this morning, hoping that they're having the 75% off, but unfortunately they're only offering the 50% off right now! But I don't have any regrets for buying the stuff that I got. If I would have waited for few more days, there's probably not much good stuff left! I paid probably a little over $40 including tax for all of these stuff pictured below..
For a little over $40 including tax I got 5 Christmas wrapping papers, a set of 40 Christmas cards, 1 pack of star ornaments, 2 packs of icicle ornaments, 2 packs of Christmas beads, 1 pack Christmas ball ornaments, 1 pack of gift bows, 1 pack of gift card holder, 1 Christmas pillar candle, 16 individual ornaments which originally cost $1.48 a piece but with 50% off, they were only 74 cents each and container to put all my goodies in so they will be protected until next year!

As you can see above, all the ornaments are in gold color, it's because I am planning on having a "GOLD" theme next year! I hope all of these ornaments are enough to fill our Christmas tree! Anyway, I am planning on going back to Walmart when they'll have their 75% off and see what good stuff I can find!

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