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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

An Early Christmas Presents To Myself!

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I am my own Santa this year and these stuff in the picture above are my early Christmas presents to myself! There were so much good deals last Black Friday that it was so hard for me to resist! I shopped 'til I dropped at Victoria's Secret online! LOL! I was actually after the Secret Reward Cards which turned out to be my lucky year because one of my Secret Reward Cards was worth $100! I just couldn't believed it! I accumulated 5 Secret Reward Cards from shopping 3 times from them, 3 of those cards I already checked the other day, one is worth $100 and two are $10 each and I still have 2 Secret Reward Cards coming pretty soon. It would be very nice if I can get another $100 but I will be fine and would be satisfied if those 2 cards are worth $10 since I already got $100! This doesn't happen often so I am really thrilled to the bone! LOL!

Anyhow, I wanted to wait for the Semi-Annual sale before spending the money but then my friend pointed out that all Secret Reward Cards expires on the 20th of this month! So what I did instead of beating the expiration date by spending the money, I used it to buy a real VS gift card because all gift cards doesn't have expiration dates if I am not mistaken! So I will be able to spend my secret reward card money on Semi-Annual sale after all!

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