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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

First Day Of December

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Well, well, well, today is the first day of December! You know what that means, let the Christmas countdown begin! Have you started Christmas shopping yet? It is always nice to do it ahead of time, that way, if there is something you forgot to buy, you still have plenty of time to buy it. I've started Christmas shopping a few months ago but I still have plenty of shopping to do. 

I bought my boys something that they could share in their bedroom and I still haven't figured out what to buy them individually. It is not gonna be much since money is so scarce lately for us. But I am pretty sure that they are going to love what I got them and whatever it is I will decide to get them. My oldest son is one of those kids who appreciates every little gifts he gets and my youngest son is too young to be picky as to what toys he'll want to play. If it looks fun enough for him, rest assured he'll play with it!

Anyway, I have enough presents in the house piling up already. I already started wrapping some. I am gonna be wrapping presents these coming days while I figure out what to get for those I haven't gotten anything yet. I do not like to wrap presents at very last minute plus I do not have a hiding place for them if it is something for my kids or husband. So I will be busy wrapping these presents this week!

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