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Survivor Blood VS Water Season Finale

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Well another favorite TV show of mine has just ended! Last night was Survivor Blood VS Water Season Finale and although I am not a big fan of Tyson, I thought the jury did a good job picking him to receive the title "Sole Survivor" and the million dollar check that comes with it! The final 3 were Tyson, Gervase and Monica. I wasn't a fan to any of them but if I were to pick the winner, I would also go along with the jury's decision which is Tyson.

Although Monica might have won more individual challenges than Tyson did, she didn't really make any big moves when she had several opportunities to do it and in fact she was carried along by Tyson and Gervase at the very end. Same goes to Gervase, he was dependent to Tyson and doing everything he tells him to do. These are all just my personal opinions based on what I have seen and observed watching the show!

Anyway, I guess I don't have anything else to look forward to watch on TV. All my favorite shows had ended. The Walking Dead will resume again this coming February which I cannot wait at all! New season of Survivor will probably be around at the same time then Big Brother would be about summer time. So those are all the shows that I love to watch on TV!

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