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About Possible Online Marketing Careers

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So you’ve graduated and you’re joining the big leagues, huh? You have your degree, and now you want to find a real job and become a grown-up. You probably have many options, but maybe you want to look specifically at online marketing careers. Continue reading for some possible jobs you might be able to do, such as being a content editor, an account manager, or an SEO strategist.

Content Editor

This position does exactly what it sounds like. If you got this job, you would edit content that is submitted by writers. You would edit for things like clarity and using the target keywords correctly, but you’d also edit for the regular conventions you probably learned in school. You would need to provide reports to the writers about mistakes they made including notes about where the quality points were lost, and corrections so they can see how it should have been done. This position is important because marketing relies on quality, and if customers see carelessness, they won’t be impressed. If customers aren’t impressed, then clients don’t get business.

Account Manager

Another option, if you’re less into the writing aspect and more into the marketing area, is to be an account manager. Clients would come to you with high hopes of increasing business, and it would be your job to make sure their needs are fully met. You would have to come up with competitive strategies in PPC, SEO, and social media that will lead to results for clients. Clients will want performance reports to see that goals are being met and that the campaign is delivering.

SEO Strategist

If you are especially interested in the ever-changing dynamics of search engine optimization, you may want to become an SEO strategist. You would be responsible for understanding search engine optimization in order to obtain traffic for clients. Understanding the competition is very important so that you can take your clients to the top of the rankings and increase revenue. There are many more online marketing careers you may want to look into. Find one for which you are qualified and in which you are interested.

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