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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

No Desire To Blog Lately!

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I have been really tired and very stressed lately that I do not have any desire to blog. Any entries that I posted on my other blogs, I had to forced myself to write them. I am also forcing myself now as I am writing this entry. I am doing this, not because so I can update my blog but because so I can let my readers know, if any, that I have no appetite for my blogging lately!

Probably the main reason, other than being stressed is, I haven't received any decent tasks or opps the past weeks! My main source of income before used to be blogging but it has been very slow for me the past years up to this date. I even thought about of quitting but I just couldn't! Perhaps, I'll take quitting seriously when I'll find a real job! But that's gonna be a while for I have a toddler that I have to take care of!

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