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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

Finally A Guess Watch With Interchangeable Straps!

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For so long, I have been on a hunt for a Guess watch that have interchangeable straps. I've found some nice ones online but the price were too high that I wasn't willing to pay for it. Not until two weeks ago that I found the perfect set with the perfect price! At a price tag of $79.99 excluding shipping and tax, it was actually still expensive for me and that is why I hesitated to buy it right away. But compare to the ones that I checked out before, ranging from $95 to over $100+, that is a good deal plus it would have only cost me a little over $72 including tax and shipping after 15% off but I decided to wait one more day. After I thought more about it, I decided to go back to that website to buy it but unfortunately it was out of stock!

Talking about mad! I was furious at myself because I had my chance to finally get the watch that I've been wanting for so long and I blew it. I really liked that set because it was in gold tone and it comes with 4 different straps in different colors. The ones that I've checked out only comes with 3 different straps. It was the set that I wanted so bad I just couldn't let go of it. So I kept searching it online and found some on Ebay. Well, they're way more expensive than what I could've paid for it but one seller was offering for the best offer and I actually sent my best offer of $87. But she declined it, thank goodness! Because a couple of days after that, I checked the site again and was so shocked to see that the same set of watch is back in stock again. I didn't hesitate that time and immediately checked out! LOL!

Anyway, below is the watch that I am talking about it. It has been shipped and will be here today. Talking about excited! I can't hardly wait!

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