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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

My Best Score On Flappy Bird

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I started playing Flappy Bird over 2 weeks ago and above is my best score up to this date! I got to admit that this game was very hard to play the first time and highly addicting as well! But thank goodness I didn't get addicted to it that much to where I want to play all the time. I only play it when I have free time and lately I have only been playing it once every 3 days. Well it's because I'm kinda tired of it! But I am not going to delete the app since you won't be able to download it anymore since developer discontinued it. Even though I do not play it that much anymore, I still want to keep the app just in case I get bored when we are out somewhere.

Anyway, this game can get on my nerves whenever my little birdie keeps colliding onto the tunnels! It's one of the reason why I sometimes avoid playing because I get so frustrated! I sure don't want to be at the point where I want to hammer my IPod to pieces because of frustration! LOL!

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