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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

Get Your Foot in the Door

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You’ve loved computers since you were old enough to walk, and were assured when you majored in Computer Science and Engineering at University of Colorado Denver that you were preparing for a field that was in demand, and there was always a place for someone with software development skills. Upon graduation, however, you realized that software jobs in Denver were more competitive than you imagined. An impressive college portfolio didn’t stack up against real-world experience as well as you had hoped. Fortunately, there are ways to get your foot in the door and get that desired experience.

Did you know that there are companies that contract with local information technology corporations and other businesses in need of your skill set? Unlike a typical staffing agency, which seeks short-term positions for people in a variety of fields, these contracting agencies specialize in people in the technology industry. They usually seek to place qualified individuals into long-term positions, and frequently work as temp-to-hire situations to set you up in your career. The great thing about that arrangement is that it not only gives you full-time employment more quickly than you may be able to find for yourself, but also gives you the opportunity to try a job on for size, so to speak. You may spend several months with one company and get a chance to see how you like it. If that doesn’t become permanent for whatever reason, you will still have experience to show for it, and recommendations from a professional organization for when you find the position you’re looking for.

Another great thing about these specialized contracting agencies is that they frequently provide benefits including health, dental, and vision at a reasonable group rate. This means there’s no need to rush into an unfulfilling job because you need to go to the doctor. Some of the better companies will even provide paid time off, a luxury most temporary and contract employees can only dream of.

What are you waiting for? If you’re looking for a good place to find software jobs in Denver, find an information technology and engineering recruiter near you!

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