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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

60-Inch Flatscreen LED SMART TV As Our Anniversary Present!

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Hubby and I will be celebrating our 9-year anniversary tomorrow! We decided to buy a 60-inch flatscreen LED TV at Walmart as an anniversary present to each other. It was about time to replace our almost a decade 56 inches boxed TV! We love our new TV. The picture quality is superb compare to our old one! It's like watching real live people on the screen plus it is also a smartTV with wifi built in to connect to the internet for an instant access to online movies. But we haven't connected it yet since we already got our ROKU connected to it.

Anyway, we thought it's more practical to buy one gift for each other than buying individual gifts. We also did this last year for our anniversary, we bought a new grill since we really needed a new one. I like the idea of having an important remembrance on our anniversaries that we actually use and need in the house. It is something less extra for us to buy! ;)

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