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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

Goodies From The Philippines, Thanks To A Friend!

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My friend who lives nearby just got back from a one month family vacation to our native land Philippines! So glad for them for they got to see her family once again and her family got to see their first grandbaby/niece! Everybody was thrilled and very happy!

Anyway, while she was there, I asked her a big favor if she could bring me some of our delicacies over there like dried fish, fermented fish and food of that sort that I really missed and are not available to buy here where we live. I sent money to my family in the Philippines to buy the stuff that I wanted and then they took it to my friend's apartment so she can put them in her luggage.

I am just so thankful to her and her husband for taking the stuff back that I wanted. To me, that is such a huge favor to ask and she didn't hesitate to do that favor for me! If I had asked my family to mail those stuff to me, it would have cost me a lot of money for the shipping!

Anyway, below are the stuff that my friend brought me. These are just half of it..the other half are not shown in the picture..


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