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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

Kid's Academy Learning Apps!

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Kid's Academy carry several learning apps on Itunes store. I've been using some of their apps for some time now, in fact, I've installed 3 apps on my mobile device for my almost 3-year old son. I am really glad that there is a company like Kid's Academy who offers free learning apps for kids.

For a while, I only had one installed on my phone and my son was really enjoying learning alphabet phonics and tracing letters for a while but I guess it got old that he wasn't too interested in it anymore. So I decided to browse on Kid's Academy ITunes store and found two more apps that I think my son would love.

One is almost similar to the first one but it has more activities like a maze game which develop fine motor control! And the last app is called Best Kids Song which my son loves so much because it features farm animals! He was already familiar with nursery songs and with this app, he is able to see animal interactions and sing along at the same time!

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