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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

What I Would Really Love For Christmas

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Christmas is about 44 days from now. There is only one thing on my mind that I would really love to receive and that is an eletric fireplace! We have this space in the living room where our old 56 inches box TV used to sit. We replaced it with a 60 inches flat screen TV as an anniversary present for me and my husband this year. We decided to mount our new TV on the wall and now there is a space underneath the new TV. I have been visualizing a nice eletric fireplace would look so good and perfect to put there!

Anyway, I have been searching online for an affordable one and haven't been successful. Prices of the electric fireplace that I've looked and I really liked were ranging from $300 to $600! We just don't have the extra money to spend on that right now. So I decided to look for some kind of multi-purpose media shelf that I can use to put different things. I stumbled upon this website that sells Living Room - Home and Patio Décor Center Furniture. I've checked out their living room furnitures and looked up their media consoles and tv stands, there are a couple that I really liked. The price range is just about right and I love the style!

So I made up my mind that one of those two that I liked is gonna be what I'll be asking Santa for Christmas! Oh it would be awesome to finally fill that space in the living room. I wish Santa would hear me! 

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