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#HelloKeurig 2.0 K-450 Coffee Maker Reviews

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I was given an opportunity to get a free Keurig 2.0 K-450 coffee maker, Keurig 2.0 Carousel and Keurig Stainless Steel Carafe courtesy of #VoxBox from Influenster and the Keurig company, in exchange for my honest opinions. All reviews and opinions are solely of my own based on using the products for several days! I was not given any additional compensation to write this review!

I received my free Keurig 2.0 K-450 coffer maker a week ago and I have been enjoying using it everyday since then! I tell you, this is fanciest coffee maker I have ever owned! My old coffee maker that I used to have worked just fine but I did not have any problem replacing it with this one!

Before I get into details as to what I love about this coffee maker, let me tell you what came in the box! 

The coffee maker of course, owner's manual, 1 Keurig Carafe, water filter, a box of 6 K-cups coffee and tea variety pack and a box of 4 K-carafe packs!

Like I mentioned above, I had about a week to try this out and I am truly amazed of how advance the technology of this coffee maker is! One of the features that I love is the LCD touch screen! With this feature it is so much easier to change the settings. 

This coffee maker also has a flip-top lid water reservoir on the side for easy filling once your water runs low! The settings menu that you can easily change includes Language which you can select English, Spanish and French. 

The Clock menu gives you 3 settings, Time, Display and Wallpaper. You can choose Display to change from Analog or Digital display. You can also change the Wallpaper according to your favorite color, this is my most favorite feature of this coffee maker!

There is also an Auto On/Off that you can set to automatically brew your coffee at any time of day. You can leave it On, Off or have it Energy Saver mode to save on eletricity!

Other settings are High Altitude (to those who lives in higher altitude 5,000 feet so your brewer works properly), Water Filter Reminder (if you are using the water filter) and lastly, Restore Factory settings!

I also received these free Keurig 2.0 Carousel and the stainless steel Thernmal Keurig Carafe which just came the other day. I really love the carousel for it keeps my K-cups and K-carafe packs organized! As far as the Carafes, I haven't had the chance to use it because I have only been using the K-cups which is a single brew. I am really enjoying the freshly brewed coffee everyday!

The only negative thing that I got to say about thi coffee maker is that it has a built-in censor that reads the Keurig K-cups and K-carafe packs, so this disables you to use other K-cup brands or reusable K-cups to put your own coffee. But the good news is, I can always hunt for coupons to buy the Keurig K-cups, there is always available online!

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