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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

90% Off Christmas Stuff At CVS

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Every Sunday after church I always stop by at CVS to do my couponing to save a little bit at money. I love shopping at CVS because you can combine manufacturer's coupon with their store coupons plus you could also get ECB or Extra Care Bucks if they are offering it on that certain product that you are buying!

Anyway, last Sunday was such a good stop for me because they were offering 90% off on whatever stuff was left from Christmas. That was really surprising to me. I didn't expect that they would still have Christmas stuff out this late!

Anyhow, they had candies as low as 5 cents a piece! They also had some toys as low as 99 cents eachd! I bought some Lindt Chocolates, the price went down to 99 cents per box and another Lindt chocolates in a paper bag priced at 69 cents after 90% off! Even though we are not big in eating a lot of sugar, I went ahead and bought some for prices like that are hard to resist and hard to come by! I also bought 2 big jars filled with different flavors of hard candy, the price was 69 cents and small jar of candy cane pole for only 49 cents. The only reason why I bought those is because I like the jars and I could use them for something in the house. If I buy those kind of jars in a different store, it would probably cost me at least $4 each. So the candies that were in it I consider a bonus! Haha!

Anyway, below are the bargains that I got at CVS. Everything that you see in the picture below were priced below $1 except for the Snickers bar I paid $1.29 for it. The Snickers bar must weigh 2 lbs, it's really heavy! I bought it because Valentines day is coming up and I am thinking that I can give it to my better half for Valentines! LOL!

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