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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

So Disappointed With The BalikBayan Box Carrier That I Used!

posted by Forsythea Nelms on

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I sent my family a BalikBayan box on October of last year. They should have received the package around Christmas time if the supposedly 2-month arrival date was right but due to the holidays, I expected it to come a little later than anticipated! But it is already over a month past the estimated arrival date and my family hasn't received it yet and who knows where the box is! Last time I tracked it which was last night, it says Estimated Arrival VISMIN was on the 29th of this month but the status have been like that for several days, so who knows where exactly my box is! I am really very disappointed with this carrier! I've used them before and didn't have any problems. My friend who also used the same carrier told me that she also had problems with the box she sent last time..it took so long for the company to deliver the package although it was already in Cebu! I just don't understand that! I mean if you're in business, customers should be the first priority because without them, you wouldn't have a successful business in the first place!

Anyway, I am just expressing my frustrations! We are having financial problems right now but the minute we have this straighten out and I will be able to send another box to my family, rest assured I won't be using that carrier again! I will just go back to the very first one that I used before. They were more expensive but I believe the box was way bigger and it arrived on time. So I'll have to see! For the time being, I won't mention the company's name for I don't have any intention of giving their business a bad reputation. But if worse comes to worst, I would not hesitate to give them a negative feedback and a piece of my mind! That's all what I got to say for now!

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