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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

Interested In Playing A Keyboard

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My husband mentioned to me the other day that our oldest son said he miss playing with his keyboard. I was really surprised to hear that because it has been over 5 years ago since the last time he played with it. I told my husband that it might be a good idea if we get him a real keyboard for his 9th birthday since it is only less than 2 months from now.

I was browsing online for something affordable but at the same time a good quality one. I found several ones that were on sale for about the same price. Features were about the same too so I had to read full review on each one to find which one had a much better ratings. But unfortunately, the ratings were not very good! It always help to read reviews before buying a product, it saves so much time and money!

Anyway, so my husband and I have decided that we will get him a better one, might be more expensive and  wait till Christmas to buy it for him! That way, we'll have plenty of time to save money to afford a much better one!

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