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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

He Loves Playing Baseball

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This is the second year my son joined the Youth League Baseball in our county. He almost didn't make it this year for we were unaware that they were holding sign ups in their school. Last time, they sent out notes to let parents know the dates for sign ups and they also did home calls but for some reason, we didn't received both! But thanks to my mother-in-law for contacting and talking to some people, she managed to get him signed up!

Anyway, they've already played 4 games, and out of 4, they only won one time! They really need more practice in the field! The other teams are really physically matured compared to them. If they can just practice more often, I do not doubt that they'll be able to beat this team. They have another match coming up, hopefully they'll have more practice by that time. It is really hard to do Sports Predictions especially when kids are involved! Sometimes they get really nervous that can affect their ability to play the game properly or sometimes they get pressured by the parents, crowd, coach or teammates! 

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