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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

It Brought Back Some Memories

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My oldest son have this xylophone toy that he received on his very first birthday from my mother-in-law. I am so glad that I kept it when I was getting rid of his old toys. Now my youngest son have been playing with it. 

Anyway when I was in High School, I used to be in the school band playing Xylophone or Lyre as what we call it in the Philippines. Every time I hear the sound of the xylophone, it always brings back some memories. Those are what I considered good old days! 

Anyhow, I have been looking at guitarcenter to see if they have a xylophone that I used to have back home. They do have different xylophones but not the "lyre" style that I used to play! Oh well, I guess I will just have to settle for this toy one that we already have! LOL!

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