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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

Surprise Awards From School!

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My 3rd grader came home 2 weeks ago from their last week of school with all these awards pictured above! Evidently, they had an award ceremony in their classroom. I figured it must have been a surprise ceremony for the kids for he didn't mention anything about it. He still didn't say anything when he came home. He just told me that he got a necklace as an award for perfect attendance. When I finally got to check his backpack, I was very surprised to found 2 medals and 3 award certificates. One of the medals and certificates were for perfect attendance and the other ones were for AB Honor roll, and the last certificate was for Mighty Multiple which basically means for having to pass and complete the multiplication test!

I am really proud of my son and at the same time felt guilty because a few days before while the EOG (End-Of-Grading) test was going on, we jumped his butt for not reviewing his work! My husband and I both were really worried that he'll fail it because he finished reading 8 stories and 52 questions in less than an hour and they were given 3 hours to finish it! Thank goodness he passed the test! I know he is very smart but I didn't think it would be possible to do the things he did and passed it but evidently he did and I am so proud of him beyond words!!

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