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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

My Boys Are Doing Great In School!

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School has started a week ago and my boys are doing great so far! Well, the little one got scared the first week, didn't want me to leave him in his classroom with all the strangers around him. He is really not used to be around strangers for that long. But this week, he's improving and really warming towards his teachers and classmates! I am just so glad the he feels more comfortable now! 

I really hated to leave him crying last week. If there was only a way that I could've stayed until he calms down, I would've! But it is school policy that parents or guardians should be out of school premises at a certain time for the safety of the children! So there was not much that I could've done except to leave him crying which really broke my heart!

Anyway, I am glad that he now loves going to school! Next week, he'll be able to ride the bus, thank goodness! He is really excited to ride the bus, he has been asking why he hadn't ridden the bus with his big brother yet. We told him some time next week he'll be able to! We are so excited for him!

Anyhow, as for my oldest son, he is doing so great! He's been getting points, not getting in any troubles. Got perfect scores in spelling 2 weeks in a row! I am just so proud of him! Hopefully, he'll keep it up all year!

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