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Back To Square One!

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I am now 15-weeks of my 3rd pregnancy. I am getting so excited about finding the gender of my baby. About 5 more weeks to go and we will be able to know the gender. Since my first two are boys, I am hoping this 3rd one would be a girl, but if God decides to give us another boy, well of course, he will still be loved as much as his big brothers are!

Anyway, my husband and I weren't really planning anymore on having another baby. With that being said, I already got rid of all the baby stuff that we had when our second child was born! So we're going to have to start from the beginning and back to square one. But this doesn't mean, that this baby is unwanted! I am already in-love with this baby even though I haven't seen it or doesn't even know the gender yet! 

Anyhow, the good news is, I have several friends that offered me their baby stuff such as playpen, car seat and other basic necessities that a newborn baby would need. I am very much appreciative of them for offering this stuff to me. It will be a big help for us, especially now that we are having a hard time financially! I am pretty much set and so ready for the baby! 

The only thing I don't have yet is a stroller and some baby clothes which would depend if the baby's gender is a boy or a girl. My close friend had two girls and she still have the outgrown clothes of her girls that she saved. She told me that she would give them to me if I am having a girl! That's one of the reasons why I am hoping that it's going to be a girl so I don't have to buy baby clothes!

 As far as the stroller goes, I signed up to this website and entered for a chance to win a phil&ted's stroller! It didn't cost me anything to enter and who knows, I might get so lucky and win it! That would be so amazing wouldn't it? Praying and crossing my fingers!

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