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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

A Doll Almost As Tall As Her!

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I just bought this doll yesterday for my goddaughter for Christmas! I really love this doll because, not only it is so cute and pretty, but this doll also stands about 27" tall! It will be almost as tall as my 2-year old goddaughter! I am very sure she is going to love this doll! As you can see the doll is dressed like Anna of the movie "Frozen". Although the face is nothing like Anna, I know for sure my goddaughter will recognize her dress, she is into Frozen these days! I am so excited to give this to her!

Anyway, I looked it up online and was very shocked to find out how much it cost! Almost triple the price of how much I paid for it in-store! I am really happy that I decided to buy it for her! I should've bought one more for her little sister. Hopefully, we will be going back to that store again and the dolls are still available so I can buy another one!

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