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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

And Let The Countdown Begin!

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Wow! Six more days to go 'till Christmas, I am excited! How about you? I don't have presents to open, but I don't care, the most important thing for me is for my boys to have something to open on Christmas morning. It's not much this time since we are having a hard time financially, but I am sure that they will be very happy and grateful of the presents that they'll be opening on Christmas. I am thankful that they are appreciative kids!

Anyway, the picture above is what our Christmas tree looks like this year. I am still using the 4ft tree since we do not have a space for our 7ft one! I am hoping by next year, I will be able to move some things around here so we can use our 7ft Christmas tree. My youngest son will be amazed for he has never seen that tree before! I will be so glad to see his face when he sees it after coming back from school, hopefully it will happen!

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