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Winter 2016

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Since winter started, we didn't have much snow accumulation until just a few days ago! In fact, around Christmas time, we had some very interesting weather here in western North Carolina, almost in the 70s! Very unusual indeed compared to the past Christmases since I've been here over 10 years ago!

Anyway, we finally had some snow the other day, we probably accumulated about 6 to 10 inches within the two or three days of snowing! I am not very fond of snow days anymore, but my kids still love playing in the snow! They've been hounding me to go outside, at first I said no because I didn't want to feel the freezing temperature outside plus I am 24 weeks pregnant, I was scared that I'd fall and hurt the baby! 

But after thinking about it thoroughly, I finally broke down and let them go outside and have fun since this doesn't happen often anymore! I'm glad I let them play, they really had a blast, although my oldest son didn't stay very long since he got really cold. My youngest son and I stayed 10 minutes longer and finally went back inside the house!

Anyhow, below are some of the pictures that I took of them while playing outside...

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