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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

He Would Have Been 34 Years Old!

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March 2 is a date I will never forget, because it is my late brother's birthday! He died over 5 years ago! He would have been 34 years old! I feel really sad every time I think about him, because he had so much potential! If only he didn't get mixed up with the wrong crowd, he would have been alive today, have his own family and a somebody, because he was such a very creative person, very good at everything that he did! He was very crafty, artistic and very talented!

But anyway, I'm sure wherever he is, he is in a much better place and with my father who also passed away over 3 years ago. So I'm sure they are not lonely wherever they are! I am sure they are watching over us. I really miss them even though my brother and I weren't very close growing up! He is still my brother no matter what and I loved him!

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