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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

Another Means of Making Extra Money Is Going Bye-Bye!

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Well, this really sucks! Another means of making extra money for me is going to be shutting down later this month! That means I'll be making less money when this goes away. I just hate it! But what can I do about it, literally nothing! Just expressing my frustration here! 

The past years have been really, really bad for me financial wise! I did have many sidelines to make extra cash online but, they're slowly disappearing! About 3 years ago, I could easily make about $300 total of my online sidelines, but now, I'll be lucky if I can make $50! I am really so frustrated about it! I guess I'm going to have to sell stuff on Ebay again like my husband has been sermonizing me about!!! :(

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