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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

30th Birthday Keepsake Gift!

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I turned 30 years young over a month ago, so this is kind of a late post! I have been meaning to post this keepsake gift that I bought to remember my 30th birthday. Well, it's basically my husband's gift in the form of cash but I picked out the gift myself.

I want to remember my 30th birthday not because of how much was spent, oh trust me, we are so low on moolah that we didn't spend that much celebrating. It was just another simple celebration with family as usual. But what made it very special was, we had a beautiful addition to the family and that to me was the best birthday gift this year, my beautiful baby Angela Danielle!

I decided to buy a personalized name necklace that has footprints as pendants and my kid's names printed on it! I first saw the necklace on Facebook's suggested post. I just fell in love with the necklace and I knew this was the one that I want to be the token of my 30th birthday. This is a reminder that I am beyond blessed, maybe not financially, but on things that are more valuable in life! My three kids are my biggest accomplishments that I reached when I turned 30 years old! So this necklace signifies that accomplishment! I am so thankful to GOD for giving and trusting me these beautiful and precious gifts!!

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