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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

Baby Angela Is Now Potty Training At 5 Months Old!

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I am just so proud of my baby Angela! I started potty training her almost 2 weeks ago at 5 months old and so far so good! She hadn't pooped in her diaper for over a week until just a couple of days ago when she was having diarrhea, I couldn't get her to the bathroom on time! But other than that, her potty training has been very smooth! 

If I have known before that it was this easy to potty train a baby this young, I would have potty trained my boys this early! My oldest son took the longest, at almost 4 years old while my second son, I got him potty trained at about a little over a year old! My goal with baby Angela is to have her potty trained before she turns one! I personally think that it is a lot easier to potty train baby this young because they do not know how to rebel yet! LOL!

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