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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

I Made My Daughter's Piñata!

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My youngest daughter just turned 11 months old the other day, which means next month, she'll have her 1st birthday! I've decided that we will throw her a party since it is her first birthday! I've invited a few Filipina friends with their kids of course! I have a few activities and games that I would like to do on her birthday so the kids can have a good time. One of those activities/games is beating a Piñata! 

So I went to Walmart yesterday to check out their Piñatas and was shocked to see that an empty one is almost $20! And by time you get the candies to put inside which is almost $10, I will be paying almost $30 which I find ridiculous! We just do not have that much money to spend on just one activity, so I decided to make my own Piñata which is pictured below. 

As you can see in the right picture, the Piñata is made from a pizza box, yes I cleaned the inside with a clorox wipe! This Piñata only cost me the price of the tissue paper which I only used 2 sheets of each color! And of course I'll have buy some candies and goodies to put inside for the kids to go crazy about! Anyway, in the left picture is the finished product! It's not perfect but I'm sure the kids will enjoy beating the goodies out of it!

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